Current downloads:

Preview version - March 3 2010 - More like a technological preview - full core and first version of self installation script. This will do nothing on your PC except run main screen and allow to browse thru windows. In this version i will try to solve basic problems with different platforms and all childish problems with distribution.
Quick install:
- Just uncompress in /usr/local/phputer foler and make it writable.
- Run from command line using command "php index.php"
- Script will run on Display:0 so you should make it accesible to user, "xhost +" as a X owner will do do job.

Try it, use it, send me feedback so i can make it better. If you want, change it but send me note what,where or why so i can implement it in main version :-) Do not sell it, but you can redistribute it with all sources and note about original source and author.


Citroen C5 club or email :-)